Katie West Design and Illustration

This 20x30 illustrated poster was created for Land Gallery's Taxonomies: Creating Order Out Of Complexity. It took place in summer 2014 and was curated by Briar Levit.

The poster features the 96 most common birds of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Reserve in SE Portland. Click top image to zoom, and then click the expand icon towards the bottom to realllllyyy zoom.

Learn more about the show and Land Gallery here: WEBSITE!

Role: Illustration and Type Treatment.

Branding for Alaskan bake shop Pilot Light.

For now, the logo is used to stamp bread bags for sale at local farmer's markets as Pilot Light builds a following in Haines, Alaska and surrounding areas. The stamps are modular and fit together, incorporating each bread offering into the logo.

Website in the works and bread coming to your area soon!

Role: Branding, Strategy and Type Treatment.

The One Moto Show is a curated group of bikes and builders, brought together to share their passion. In 2011, the focus was on the builders behind the bikes. The stories exist as unedited handwritten entries in this 174-page book. Another book is in the works for the 2012 show. The book can be seen at See See Motor Coffee Co. at 1642 NE Sandy, and was organized by its owner, Thor Drake.

Role: Book Design and Production, Page Layout, Illustration

The builders and their bikes were photographed by Portland’s Ray Gordon. Illustrations were created in collaboration with fellow designer Thomas Schambach while working together at Peet Kegler.

Hiking, collecting, photographing and setting type for a couple of biologists' wedding invitation.

Role: Illustration, Collection, Photography and Type Treatment.

A series of screen printed illustrations "about" Portland, Oregon in one way or another.

Role: Illustration, Screen Printing

Self portrait, featured on Things Organized Neatly.

See post HERE!

This 9x9 illustration was created for Reading Frenzy's Annual Valentine Invitational in 2013.

Learn more about Reading Frenzy here: WEBSITE!

The mentorship program in Portland State University's Art Department, Friendtorship, is growing faster than anybody can keep up with. This is an activity book for educators to use in creating their own mentorship program and is a fund-raiser to support PSU’s own growing program. Created under the guidance of Lis Charman of PSU and Friendtorship.

Role: Illustration, Hand-lettered Typography, Page Layout, Cover Design, Direction

Collecting and sharing; working to fill in the blanks left by the internet, Hidden Supply is a publication sharing interesting, curated collections. Each collection is also shared on the website, and the objects presented in a gallery setting.

The first issue is a simple collection of black and white objects. The second is the guide book collection of artist and designer, Brair Levit and includes “The Diary of a Fire Lookout” by Philip Connors as a complement.

View the books online at www.HiddenSupply.com

Postcards, bookmarks and posters were created as promotional material.

Role: Curation, Design, Page Layout, Photography, Production

A promotional video was designed for smart phone app use. As a consequence, it cannot be shown here in a video player fitted to its aspect ratio. Please view it here! (It's loud, watch out!)

Each year a competitive logging competition happens in rural Morton, Washington. It is part of a much larger, international competition circuit, but Morton's competition is special because it revolves around a strong and important history.

This campaign revolves around people traveling to the event. When tickets are purchased in advance, the customer receives tickets, coasters, a program, a history of the event in small book form and a smart phone app which includes maps, a playlist for the drive, a short promotional video, and the history and programming information.

Role: Design, Direction, Illustration, Typography, Page Layout, Animation, Copywriting